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Monday, 14 October 2013

People Management for Engineers - Recruitment and Selection

People Management for Engineers - Recruitment and Selection

- Job descriptions
- Personnel specifications
- Recruitment sources
- Advertising
- Relevant legislation e.g. equal opportunities, discrimination, diversity, environmental
- Interviewing techniques, selection tests e.g. psychometric, intelligence, personality
- Employment contract e.g. Full/ part time, seasonal, sub-contracted, consultant, fractional posts, outworking, associated legislation

SPUN have had all their network infrastructure and supply part of the business bought by GPUN leaving a cash rich services business
SDS have moved to online sales only with no direct salesforce and have consolidated all operations into the UK. All manufacturing & R&D

From your Workforce Planning considerations document how you would improve this by
- Recruitment
- Reduction
- Retention

What flexibility do you have with your workforce?

Recruitment - What would attract you to a company?
Channels - Walk-in; Referrals; Advertising; Websites; Agencies; Associations (Professional & Educational)
Job Descriptions (write one)
Interviewing (Structure, Questions, Listening, Retention & Interpretation)

Retention - What would keep you in the company & motivated?
Talent Management (Plot Potential v Performance from High to Low on each axis)
Succession Planning
Pull factors are to do with dissatisfaction and Pull factors from rival companies
Policies - Pay, Managing Expectations, Induction, Training & Development, Improving the quality fo line management
Why stay?
- Employer brand loyalty
- Coaching & mentoring
- Improved work-life balance
- Improved benefits
- Improved employee involvement
- Improved line management skills
- Increased pay
- Improved training & development (and at induction)
- Increasing learning & development opportunities

Redundancy - https://www.gov.uk/browse/working/redundancies-dismissals
Unfair dismissal - discrimination (preganncy, ma/ paternity, health, spent conviction, religious working practices etc.)
Fair dismissal - capability, misconduct, redundancy, substantial reason (breach of code of conduct) , mandatory retirements etc. https://www.gov.uk/dismissal
How to resign - http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/resigning-from-a-job

How would you do each and what do you need to consider when implementing such tactics?
- Recruitment and selection
- Training and development


What affect has the changes to NewCo had on workforce Retention, Reduction and Retention strategy

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