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Monday, 14 October 2013

People Management for Engineers - Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning
For NewCo write down what you'd consider important to manage a workforce. Is it the right size and has the right skill sets? Does your workforce have the correct tools and processes to make it successful?

Recommended  Reading
Human Resource Management - Torrington, Hall, Taylor, Atkinson - Chapter 5 Workforce Planning
Human Resource Management Theory & Practice - Chapter 6 Workforce planning and talent management


- Estimating Manpower Requirements
- The Labour Market
- Needs Analysis and Evaluation
- Cost implications
- General employment environment e.g. market conditions, labour turnover, demographic issues, skills shortages, use of part time and olderemployees

6 common steps in Workforce Planning
1. Recognise a change
2. Prepare scenarios
3. Defining the newly required workforce
4. Understanding workforce availability
5. Planning to deliver required workforce
6. Implement, monitoring and refresh

A slight alternative is to consider
- Organisation strategy and targets
- Organisation practices and methods - what it does

Internal (e.g. Perfromance evaluations, training assessments) and External (e.g. PESTLE) input in
- Workforce review and analysis 
The Forecast and it's affect on upcoming Supply & Demand
- Adjust this to Balance to Recruit, Retain or Reduce

GPUN has bought all of SPUNs network distribution business and infrastructure leaving a cash rich services only business
SDS have moved to on-line sales only and consolidated all manufacturing and R&D into the UK closing the US operation


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