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Monday, 1 July 2013

UK Technology and Innovation Business News #28 July 2013

Spending Review
In a month that saw the release of the UKs spending review many voices came out in support of science and technology. The need for investment in University and College training, apprenticeships and leadership training around innovation. This is backed by many companies acting on this as a focus and through many funding releases. Some of which are mentioned below.
Despite the far reaching cuts, the spending round commits £50bn of capital infrastructure investment in 2015 and includes money for roads, railways, bridges, broadband, science and schools. This will amount to over £300bn pounds of capital spending to the end of this decade. The Government has also committed to maintain the resource budget for science at £4.6bn and increase the capital budget for science to £1.1bn. Funding is also earmarked for 20 new university technical colleges.

ESCO Report
In addition the ESCO report has also been released. http://www.esco.org.uk/ A collaborative released a strategy outlining aims to grow the UK’s electronic systems industry to £120 billion (up 55%) by 2020. The strategy will look to create an additional 150,000 highly-skilled jobs. The ESCO Report, (Electronics Systems: Challenges and Opportunities), the strategy document details how the industry can grow to contribute 7.1 per cent of GDP by 2020. The Report was created for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. The rise from today’s £78bn to £120 billion would place the sector among the top five UK industries. The sector would also support more than 1 million skilled jobs, making it a top-5 UK employer.

Now, onto our  monthly update from June of the technologies driving innovation and success in the UK from the perspective of T&M Tom
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UK Technology and Innovation Business News #28 July 2013
-       £90m boost to aerospace technologies for collaborative research and technology projects that are consistent with the objectives of the Aerospace Industrial Strategy and it will be targeted at small and medium-sized aerospace suppliers  http://www.govopps.co.uk/fallon-announces-90m-boost-to-aerospace-technologies/?utm_source=GO+Intelligence+Briefing+w%2Fc+17%2F06%2F2013&utm_campaign=GO+Intelligence+Briefing+w%&utm_medium=email

Smart Infrastructure
-       For breaking news keep an eye on Tech City News http://techcitynews.com/
-       The Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, has a record £440m budget to support innovative businesses and drive growth across the UK. http://www.govopps.co.uk/record-440m-funding-for-innovative-companies/?utm_source=GO+Intelligence+Briefing+-+w%2Fc+13%2F05%2F2013&utm_campaign=GO+Intelligence+Briefing+-+w%&utm_medium=email

-       An IET Event of Note – Power in Unity – A whole system approach will focus on Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Smart Metering and Power Quality both individually and as a united system http://www.theiet.org/events/2013/180867.cfm?utm_source=Adestra&utm_campaign=Energy%20Newsletter%20126%20-%2016%20May&utm_medium=Events&utm_content=Power%20Newsletter&utm_term=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theiet.org%2Fevents%2F2013%2F180867.cfm&utm_contact=1100208866
-       UK Export Finance has announced that it will guarantee $700m of finance for UK exports to a petrochemical facility in Saudi Arabia. In a massive boost to British businesses, the UK’s export credit agency, UK Export Finance (UKEF), has announced that it will guarantee $700m (£450m) of finance to British companies bidding for contracts on a new $19bn (£12bn) petrochemical facility in Saudi Arabia. http://www.govopps.co.uk/massive-boost-to-british-industry-in-biggest-ever-petrochemical-project/?utm_source=GOweeklyNewsletter26June13&utm_campaign=GOweeklyNewsletter&utm_medium=email
-       UK could relax planning laws to speed LTE  http://www.rethink-wireless.com/2013/05/09/uk-relax-planning-laws-speed-lte.htm