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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Twitter Search Tips

  1. Twitter search cake filter:links returns results for cake and linking to urls
  2. Twitter search traffic ? returns results for traffic and asking a question

  3. Twitter search lunch:) returns results containing lunch with a negative attitude

  4. Twitter search movie -scary :) returns results containing movie but not scary and with a positive attitude

  5. Twitter Search "Wedding Cake" since:2013-01-01 returns all containing Wedding Cake and sent since 2013 Jan 1st (year-month-date)

  6. "Twitter search" returns all Tweets from me on Twitter Search
  7. Twitter Search near:Reading within:15mi returns sent within 15 miles of Reading

  8. Twitter Search "business club" near "Reading" returns all business club sent near Reading

  9. Twitter Search to: returns all sent to