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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Musings on The NI Automated Test Summit 2014 (UK)

Today I have had the pleasure to attend the key not presentations at the NI Automated Test Summit 2014 held in Reading at Royal Berkshire Conference Centre on Thursday 19th June 2014.

These are my personal impressions of what I heard.

They are a welcoming lot, enthusiastic, engaging, polite and knowledgeable. They appear proud of their company.

They express leadership in how they act and speak of ‘equipping engineers with tools that accelerate innovation and discovery’.
They are clear in their product leadership and delivery of graphical software and modular hardware (unrivalled in PXI with greater than 500 products.)
Brendan Davis, author of ‘The Economics of Automatic Testing’ gave an inspiring talk on that subject engaging senior management on how to promote the need for test and the savings available to explained economically. NI engaged at the event fully from novice to engineer, to senior engineer, to management and to director level.

They spoke of collaboration and had over a dozen independent exhibitors explaining a variety of solutions around NI products.
The spoke of the escalating complexity engineers are facing and the battle for even lower cost and lower energy consumption.
They spoke of NI’s leading role in 5G development and the UK/ German research collaboration with Dresden Technical Uni, Kings College and University of Surrey. (CeBIT 2014)
Of 4 main 5G topics NI explained their collaborations and leadership further as
-          Massive MIMO – Lund Uni Sweden, Texas A&M University
-          Make Denser Networks – High re-use of spectrum and small cells, NYU Wireless; EU CROWD Project
-          mmWave – more frequency spectrum, increase spectral efficiency – NYU Wireless; EU MiWaves project. Expect a big demonstrator with an NEM at Mobile World Congress 2015
New Physical Layer – Dresden Tech Uni; EU 5GNOW Project; German FAST project.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Reading Arts Business Club Tues May 27th Notes and News

News- Artists Space at Caversham Court Gardens launches Sunday June 29th
-          Thanks to the council and ‘Friends of’ http://home.fccg.org.uk/ we launch an artist’s space at Caversham Court Gardens on the last Sunday of every month from 11am. In simple terms this means you (as artists) will be welcome in the gardens to sketch, draw, annunciate, strum quietly etc. If we do that collectively it should build up an excellent community to be involved with or appreciate. I need to stress that it is not a space to sell from and behaviour/ tidiness must be in keeping with the Gardens ambience.  

Let’s get involved Many Thanks to Grant Thornton (Reading Council Executive for  Economic and Cultural Growth) for being at our May meeting.
-          The next meeting of the Council Arts Forum is on Weds 2nd July at 6pm in Mezzanine Room 1 at the Civic Centre.
-          As well as Reading Arts Business Club on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn I suggest you also take a look at Reading Arts Forum Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/836453313036092/?fref=ts
-          If you want to address a full committee with a question you can do so via Reading Council Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure Committee. http://www.reading.gov.uk/meetings/ou/40/ Next meeting Tues 8th July
-           The Council has drafted a Heritage Statement.  This is to provide context and initial input in the development of the heritage section in the forthcoming Cultural and Heritage Strategy that the Council has committed to prepare and publish for consultation during 2014. http://www.reading.gov.uk/council/consultations/openconsultations/heritagestatement
-          Reading Arts Week 14 to 22nd June (See attachment)

Next Meeting- Tuesday June 24th but from 12 noon with a presentation from The Intellectual Property Office on ip, copyright, patents, trade-marks, designs, innovation et al.

Artists/ Businesses Speed Networking Event this year is kindly part of Reading Fringe Festival. The opportunity for 20 artists to meet with 20 select business representatives and town leaders at The Penta Hotel from 6pm on Thursday 17th July http://readingfringefestival.co.uk/whatson/schedule/thurs-17th-july-2014/

Chronologically that is
- Tues 24th June Reading Arts Business Club with Intellectual Property Office from 12, noon
- Sunday 29th June Artists Space at Caversham Court Gardens launches from 11am
- Weds 2nd July Council Arts Forum 6pm
- Tues 8th July Reading Council Housing, Neighbourhoods and Leisure Committee
- Thurs 17th July Artists/ Businesses Speed Networking

- Reading Gaol. If you want to ask what is happening to the Gaol and submit a suggestion you can eMail MoJ_ED_Briefing@justice.gsi.gov.uk
- What Next? Held ‘The Value of Culture Debate’ at The Hay Festival where Alastair Spalding, CEO and Artistic Director of Sadler’s Wells chairs a What Next? conversation on the impact and value of culture, arts and literature in our society. He was joined by guests including Tony Ageh, Controller, BBC Archives Development, David Pountney, Welsh National Opera and Topher Campbell, The Red Room to discuss how we can get the public to appreciate the many different ways art and culture can affect and enhance our lives. More news on the results to follow
•             An open space event by Devoted and Disgruntled: Why is funding the arts better for everyone? is on June 3rd in London http://www.devotedanddisgruntled.com/events/devoted-and-disgruntled-why-funding-arts-better-ev/

Some Press Links
Poorer pupils forced to drop arts subjects due to the cost of studying

John Hurt argues against arts funding cuts

Nick Ahad argues against London’s arts funding bias

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Twitter Search Tips

  1. Twitter search cake filter:links returns results for cake and linking to urls
  2. Twitter search traffic ? returns results for traffic and asking a question

  3. Twitter search lunch:) returns results containing lunch with a negative attitude

  4. Twitter search movie -scary :) returns results containing movie but not scary and with a positive attitude

  5. Twitter Search "Wedding Cake" since:2013-01-01 returns all containing Wedding Cake and sent since 2013 Jan 1st (year-month-date)

  6. "Twitter search" returns all Tweets from me on Twitter Search
  7. Twitter Search near:Reading within:15mi returns sent within 15 miles of Reading

  8. Twitter Search "business club" near "Reading" returns all business club sent near Reading

  9. Twitter Search to: returns all sent to