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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Managing People in Engineering

Managing People

Aim:- This unit will develop learner’s understanding of the methods, processes and procedures used when managing people in engineering
The unit will give learners an opportunity to examine the various practices, procedures and constraints that influence the management of people within a work environment. This will require learners to consider and explain the processes and procedures involved in the management of people, such as human resource planning, recruitment, selection and contracting. Learners will alos investigate a range of working relationships in engineering settings and the lines of responsibility. Management and development of human resources are also covered with an examination of industrial relations and legislation.

Understand the processes and procedures involved in people management
1.1   Explain how workforce planning is used to assess staffing requirements
1.2   Analyse how the general employment environment affects effective workforce recruitment and selection
1.3   Outline the processes and procedures carried out when recruiting and selecting personnel for a given post

Workforce Planning: Estimating manpower requirements; the labour market; needs analysis and evaluation; recruitment and selection; training and development; cost implications; general employment environment e.g. market conditions, labour turnover, demographic issues (the number and characteristics of the people who live in an area, in relation to their age, sex, if they are married or not, etc.:), skills shortages, use of part-time and older employees

Recruitment and Selection: job descriptions; personnel specifications; recruitment sources; advertising; relevant legislation e.g. equal opportunities, discrimination; interviewing techniques; selection tests e.g. psychometric (designed to show someone's personality, mental ability, opinions, etc.:), intelligence, personality; employment contract e.g. full/ part-time, seasonal, sub-contracted, consultant, fractional posts, outworking (outsourcing); associated legislation

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