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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Innovation 2

Initiatives are not the same as innovations

Innovations make breakthroughs that are measureable and beneficial. Initiatives can rally troops and raise performance but are by their nature time limited
See the table of management initiatives through the 20th century from Decision trees to self-managing teams and beyond. What have you experienced and what are you experiencing now?

An innovative way to bring creativity and ideas to the fore is to have meetings without slides. Storytelling should be interesting and engaging.  It should encourage people to devise their own endings. The next steps to a satisfactory conclusion
People talk, people listen and take notes.

Then each person’s individual notes are read out loud. No matter what you think the comment that is re-read out the most is the take away from the meeting and the one that will be acted on.

Is it the action you had planned as the outcome of your meeting?


Case Study, Data
Embellished Reality

News, encounters
Why I couldn’t
Legends, Myths


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