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Monday, 18 February 2013

Why so few UK T&M Events?

After a packed Southern Electronics and Manufacturing show last week I'm asking why are there so few UK T&M Events nowadays?

I've also asked the following to comment

  1. At least at Southern Electronics last week. Why so few UK T&M events. 

  2. At least UK to be at ECOC ExCel September. Why so few T&M events in the UK? 

  3. Also no UK event publicised by Why not UK? 

  4. Feb 20 - 21 UK Training in Advanced Gigabit Channel Design by now labelled as not available. Pity 

  5. Didn't get to many of the recent telecasts but they are always very good 

  6. No UK events posted by this marketing season. Unusually quiet? 

  7. Bandwidth Banter from at More comment in our blog via

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